Start Laser Hair Removal Today: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Why shave or wax when you can laser away unwanted her long-term?

Unwanted hair on your legs, arms, back, chest, and pubic area is just a hassle. You fight for smooth skin and even if you achieve it through waxing or shaving, the darned follicles cause it to grow back in seemingly no time.

Stop wasting your time. Achieve permanently smooth skin with the help of the experts

at Arsenio Medical PC. Cutting-edge laser technology eliminates hair follicles for good, giving you silky smooth skin, and you don’t have to exhaust yourself in the process.

Learn how laser hair removal can help you say goodbye to waxing and shaving.

Light energy to the rescue

At Arsenio Medical PC, we get you safe and fast hair removal that doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. Laser hair removal provides a nearly permanent solution for areas such as your upper lip, chin, legs, underarms, and back.

We searched for the most state-of-the-art hair removal methods to offer our patients. Our office uses the LightPod®  for hair removal because of its precision and accuracy in targeting your hair follicles. The technology targets just your hair follicles.The LightPod relies on innovative 650-microsecond pulse technology to achieve new levels of efficacy and gentle treatment during your laser hair removal.

What’s important about the 650-microsecond figure is that this extraordinarily quick

pulse duration gets in and heats and seals up your follicle, and gets back out before it’s absorbed by any of your surrounding tissue.

The bursts of energy travel through your skin 50 to 500 times faster than traditional pulse lasers, which prevents the melanin in your epidermis from becoming overheated. This makes the hair removal process more effective and comfortable than other methods. You don’t need to endure additional cooling technology along with the hair removal process.

The next steps

To explore laser hair removal for yourself, make an appointment for a consultation so we can set up an appropriate treatment plan and timeline.

Laser hair removal is a multi-step process because all of your hair grows in cycles. At any given time, some of your hair is in a resting phase (telogen) or a transitional phase (catagen). You need multiple treatments to get all of your follicles in a growth cycle.

Each session is scheduled about one month apart. Usually, you need 2-6 treatments for optimal results. The exact treatment plan depends on your hair type and the size of a treatment area.

A permanent solution for smooth skin

Once you’ve gone through all your sessions, hair can’t grow back. The follicles are gone for good. If any hair does grow back in treated areas several months or years later, it’s sparse and light. Follow-up treatments quickly and efficiently tackle these minor regrowths.

Each treatment session is quick and requires no downtime. You can go back to work, school, workouts, and all the activities of life right afterward.

Ditch the razors. Save money on waxing. Throw away messy creams. Call Arsenio Medical PC to start your laser hair removal series. Use this website as an alternative way to get on our schedule.

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