Could You Be Pre-Diabetic and Not Even Know It?

Even if you consider yourself a healthy, active person, you could be pre-diabetic. Pre-diabetes can be sneaky and easy to ignore because it doesn’t manifest with many obvious symptoms. In fact, it affects many people who seem super healthy. Almost 85 million American adults were diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2015, and it’s likely the numbers have risen since then.

The doctors at Arsenio Medical in Lawrence, New York, are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common medical problems like this. They oversee your health issues from start to finish, which includes recognizing the signs of pre-diabetes.

What is pre-diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is a precursor to diabetes. It’s like the flashing yellow light in your system yelling, “Warning! Warning!” That’s because you shouldn’t let the name fool you. Pre-diabetes is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. Someone who is pre-diabetic has high blood sugar levels, but not yet high enough to be full-blown type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes can only escalate to type 2 diabetes. Type 1 is caused by an immune reaction that can’t be prevented, while type 2 can be prevented and even reversed. Pre-diabetes turn into type 2 diabetes slowly as your health deteriorates.

What are my chances of becoming pre-diabetic?

Although pre-diabetes can fly under the radar pretty easily, there are some things for which you can be on the lookout. First, know your risk factors, which include:

Being overweight and inactive are two high-risk factors, along with your dietary patterns. If you drink a lot of sugary drinks or eat a lot of red meat and processed foods, your risk increases. Luckily, you are in total control of your diet, and the health experts at Arsenio Medical can create a healthy plan to get you on track to good health, even if you already are pre-diabetic.

What are the signs of pre-diabetes?

If you have any or all of the risk factors above, you should be paying attention to what your body is telling you. Surprisingly, only 10% of people with pre-diabetes know they have it. Most people don’t realize they have pre-diabetes until they are already a type 2 diabetic. At that point, you’ll begin noticing:

Any or all of these symptoms indicate you should see a doctor and begin making lifestyle changes. 

What can I do to prevent pre-diabetes?

The best defense against pre-diabetes is a healthy lifestyle. Move as much as possible, especially if you have a desk job. Try to move for at least five minutes every hour during the day. Be active at home, and get your heart pumping. Physical activity is key to prevention.

Additionally, you need to have a healthy diet rich in vegetables, healthy and lean proteins, fiber, and lots of water. This will keep blood sugar levels from getting higher than they should. Combining a healthy diet and regular movement is the best way to prevent and even reverse pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is completely reversible, and the specialists at Arsenio Medical can help. Call today to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or doctor, or use our convenient online scheduling tool. 

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