Book Those Back-to-School and Sports Physicals Now

Summer is a beautiful time for the whole family — full of picnics, vacations, pooltime, and camp. But as quickly as summer comes, it ends too soon and it’s time to prepare for the school year again. Along with the endless forms needed to register your children for classes and activities, don’t forget that many schools and sports teams also require physicals.

As you’re composing your to-do list for the upcoming school year, keep in mind that the providers at Arsenio Medical PC can meet your needs for back-to-school physicals and sports physicals throughout the year.

A briefer on physicals

At Back-to-School Night or when chatting among fellow parents throughout the summer, you may have heard these questions thrown around: “When is the physical due?” or “Can the physical for school be the same one as for the soccer team?” So what’s it all about? In most cases, a physical — short for physical exam — must be performed by a licensed medical doctor, who must sign a form that shows the exam was done.

During the physical exam appointment, your doctor sits down with your child, with you in the room, and asks about your child’s health history, any medications they take, and any recent changes in their health. Then, the doctor performs an exam, which may include things like listening to your child’s heartbeat, recording their height and weight, and examining their use of joints, muscles, and other parts of the body.

How is a sports physical different?

Sports physicals may be lengthier than a standard physical exam for school because the coaches want to ensure that your child is protected and safe to play. This physical may address more things — like your child’s balance, flexibility, or even vision. A doctor who is experienced in performing physicals for sports and school understands these requirements and can make sure your child is thoroughly examined to prepare them for play.

The right time to get a physical

As soon as you hear a physical may be needed for your child’s school or sports team, be sure to book the appointment. The appointment itself doesn’t take long, but the beginning of the school year is a busy time — so the sooner, the better.

To schedule an appointment for a physical or explore other family-centered services offered by the experienced medical team at Arsenio Medical PC, call our Lawrence, New York, office or use our online request tool.

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